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Why "Butterfly Storm?"

Lorelei Alyssa Clare Johnson
was born in 1995.

She is named after the beautiful Rhine Maidens whose singing lures men to their deaths ...

Lorelei just finished grade at Howard Bishop Middle School, and is an increasingly inattentive student despite being a voraicious reader, and fascinated by anything associated with the sea. Unfortunately, school competes with her GameBoy and Pokemon for her attention.

In addition to reading and Pokemon, she likes what she calls "the three Ds" -- dragons, ducks and dolphins. She also likes butterflies, Japanese monster movies (blame that on her father ...), and Japanese art in general, with particular interst in manga/anime.

With the exception of bacon, hamburgers, and pork chops, she is darn near a vegetarian with a particular fondness for green peas and Morningstar Farms sausage. She has recently learned to eat tacos (much to her father's delight!) and is finally and reluctantly starting to try different foods.

She has a King Charles Spaniel named "Frosty," a teddy bear named "Mr. Snuggly," and a stuffed panda backpack ("Pandy Junior") who are her constant companions. She studied karate for a number of years. With her karate skills and a father who is an expert marksman (strange for a flaming liberal ...), the boys won't stand a chance!.


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