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Grandpa Tampa

Why "Butterfly Storm?"

"Grampa Tampa" (Frank Johnson)
was born in 1928.

"Grampa Tampa" is a retired Air Force fighter pilot who served in Korea and Vietnam earning a variety of Purple Hearts, Air Medals, and other decorations (mostly, he insists, because it took less paperwork to give him a medal than a court martial). His wife, Carolyn (Allen) was also a decorated Air Force officer, having received the Air Medal and other awards for her service as a flight nurse in Korea.

Frank has four sons plus other semi-adopted children and this site is the family of his oldest son.

After retiring from the Air Force, Frank received a Bachelor's degree from the University of Tampa and an MBA from USF. He eventually worked and retired from Lykes Pasco in Dade City. He still lives in Tampa and works at various hobbies including woodworking, restoring antique furniture, raising monarch butterflies, and spoiling his grandchildren. His has written a story about his monarch butterflies for his grandchildren, Fly Free (1.9 MB PDF).


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