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Why "Butterfly Storm?"

Ceilidh Shannon Elizabeth Johnson
was born in 1996.

Her name, pronounced "KAY - lee," is Gaelic, and refers to an occasion for singing, dancing, and rejoicing -- a celebration.

She just completed 7th grade at Hoggetowne Middle School where she earned her first cord in Capoiera, a Brazilian martial arts form performed to drums and music in which the object is to *not* hit your sparring partner. Lunch is also high on her list of favorite activities. She is a strong reader and loves showing the world that she is intelligent, well-read, and opinionated -- like her father. She is also remarkably stong-willed and has a hard time keeping in mind that the is neither the teacher nor the school principal.

A life-long Barbie fan, these have nonetheless finally taken a second place to unicorns and panda bears. She also likes butterflies, fairies, and lying on her back in the bath tub with only her face sticking out of the water and singing at the top of her lungs .. (okay, she doesn't do that any more -- but she used to; and it's one of my favorite memories).

Ceilidh likes animal movies and does not lke scary movies. She also likes playing on her computer, email, and web surfing. One of her favorite sites is Panda Cam.

She is a fan of chicken lo mein and macaroni and cheese (the real kind; not Kraft!), as well as corn dogs, corn, and peanut butter sandwiches.

She has a mind-bogglingly rambunctions Boston Terrier named Stacy (can dogs be ADHD, emphasis on the hyper?), and wants more fish, a hamster, some birds ... She wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up.


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